when a plan sounds good in your head:


but then you try it out in real life:



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❝ Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know. ❞

 John Keats (via words-and-coffee)
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English is not my native language.

So everytime I type something wrong or use the wrong word or the wrong tempus or grammar etc. I always get paranoid that someone who has english as their native language, will read what I wrote and spot all the mistakes I made and think, “Is she stupid or something?” or “Daamn, her english is horrible, I am never going to speak to her”.

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Goodbye September.


Outlander: 1x08 “Both Sides Now”

I doubt you have a sentimental bone in your body.
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Kisses in 1x08 requested by anon


the l a d y in the t o w e r 

(as requested by feelsandotps)

are you laughing at me?

Athos in 1.02 // 'Sleight of a Hand'